This time of year all of the bucks have lost their antlers and are starting to grow another set bigger and better. The days are getting longer–and a little warmer–and there’s really not much to hunt…except trophy rams at The Lexington Hunt Club!

We run the vast majority of our trophy sheep hunts between March and June. The weather is (usually) great and the sheep are always on their feet. Don’t be fooled: these are wily rams, not like you see milling about your local pasture. These suckers will get up and GO! at even the slightest sign of trouble, so it’s no surprise that there are some real monsters hiding in our timber. Rifle hunting can be tough. Bowhunting? Ha, we laugh in your face!

Sneaking around The Lexington Hunt Club we have some huge Black Hawaiians, some monster Corsicans (the one pictured above is damn near un-killable!), Painted Desert Rams with striking coloration, some Texas Dalls, and some of the gnarliest/weirdest/ugliest four-horned sheep on the planet.

If you’re feeling the itch to get out and hunt–and you’re up for the challenge–give us a call today. We’ll even take bowhunters (if you think you’re good enough).