There’s a short window between the end of deer season and the beginning of sheep season, mix in a Spring fawning season and it’s tough to get new posts to the website. As we catch our breath at The Lexington Hunt Club, we thought we’d share a quick recap of 2020.

From a logistical perspective 2020 was just plain weird. As expected however, the deer just kept on doing their thing: pushing out tons of antler and keeping their bellies full. We had to do a little juggling to accommodate our hunters in the midst of the pandemic, but we had an amazing year in the field.

As is always out goal, we shot nothing but monsters in 2020. Our hunters in the “any deer, one price” program smoked some dandies, with the largest coming in just a couple inches under the 250″ mark, and our average harvested buck a whopping 233″! Trying to get as close to 250″ as possible is always the goal. In fact, we only shot one deer under 200″ and that was because he was freakishly wide and too hard to resist. Seriously, where else can you shoot a 250″ whitetail for $6500?

We also had some Platinum hunters in camp this year that shot unbelievable deer. One hunter put in a hard three days and eventually caught up with the deer we called “Medusa”, scoring an incredible 301″. We thought that was the biggest deer out there, but then an eleven-year old hunter laid the smack down on all 314″ of the “The Christmas Tree Buck.” That one wasn’t fun dragging out of the woods but the perma-grin on his face made it all worth it!

Sheep hunters had an awesome year too. In 2020 we shot close to 40 sheep, every one of them a well beyond a full curl. Throw in a couple of gold-medal four-horned rams and it was an amazing year for our sheep hunters. And oh by the way, the father of The Christmas Tree killer, smoked a gold-medal ibex with a bow!

How do we beat 2020? Easy. The pandemic is fading from the news cycle, flights are back up and running and every day the deer and sheep at The Lexington Hunt Club keep getting bigger. Early antler growth looks to be on pace–or maybe a little ahead– of last year and the big-bodied Northern deer genetics we covet are taking advantage of the fast-growing food plots. The calendar is almost full with mostly repeat clients, so 2021 looks to be another amazing year.

We hope to see you soon at The Lexington Hunt Club!