This time of year IT’S HOT! As we are heading to the nearest beach or a cool mountain stream to get a reprieve, the bucks of The Lexington Hunt Club are crowding under anything that will cast a shadow…in this case, an old hog pen next to a spring-fed creek.

This young buck isn’t alone, although it’s tough to see in this picture. Shortly after the shutter “clicked” he and two of his closest buddies came jumping out of their hide like popcorn on a hot skillet.

It won’t be long until the temperatures drop, the velvet sheds and the bucks get the ladies on their minds. When that happens, they won’t be nearly as willing to share close quarters.

Ready to come Hunt The Lex? There are still a few prime spots open on the 2020 calendar. Contact us today to get your hunt of a lifetime on the books!