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Abe Walsh

The Lexington Hunt Club came out of a life-long dream of your host, Abe Walsh. After a long career in the outdoor industry as a magazine writer, editor and publisher, Abe started the wheels in motion to create a premiere hunting experience in the mountains of Romney, West Virginia. With the help of his wife Jani–who does all the important stuff–and children Chris and Caylee, The Lexington Hunt Club is truly a family run business.

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Jani Walsh

Officially our Operations Manager, Jani Walsh is actually our Do-It-All Manager. She’s usually our first point of contact for guests and is there to make sure everything goes smoothly leading up to your hunt. Once on site, Jani is the one who coordinates all the pieces to make sure our guests have the absolute trip of a lifetime.

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EJ Ayers

As our ranch caretaker and Head Guide, EJ handles everything from making sure the roads are well maintained to keeping the blinds free of unwanted critters, and of course, keeping tabs on some of the biggest whitetails on the planet. He is the fourth generation to work the family farm just a few miles from the lodge, where he lives with his wife Krista (how he convinced a bonafide Beauty Queen to marry him is beyond all comprehension…but he did!) and their young son Kayden. Nobody spends more time around the deer than EJ, and he knows where all the big ones hide.

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JD Gore

A long-time outdoor writer, and a man who loves his motorcycle a little more than is healthy, JD Gore lends his guiding expertise to The Lexington Hunt Club. He has been guiding hunters since his teenage years back in California—which was a REALLY long time ago! No one will work harder to ensure his client’s have the best experience possible.

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Charlie Roy

Bio coming soon.

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(304) 359-5469

500 Lexington Drive

Romney, WV 26757

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The Lexington Hunt Club is located just a few miles south of Romney, West Virginia, approximately two hours from the DC Metro area and only three hours from Pittsburgh.